LARIM is the Latin American Regional Meeting of the International Astronomical Union. These meetings began in 1978 and take place every three years in a country chosen during the previous one. At LARIM 2016, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, after a nationwide process to select a candidate host city took place in 2015, a SOCHIAS (the Chilean Astronomical Society) representative expressed interest to host LARIM 2019 in Antofagasta (Chile). The proposal was approved and we immediately began organizing the event.

This is the fourth time LARIM takes place in Chile. Previous meetings were held in Santiago (1978), Viña del Mar (1992) and Pucón (2005). It is the first time the event will be hosted in Northern Chile, a region that is known worldwide for its astronomical observatories.


Every three years LARIM provides the opportunity for scientists working in Astronomy to discuss their results and foster new collaborations, as well as allow young researchers (including postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students) to build their professional network, exchange ideas with their geographic neighbors and envisage new projects.

Astronomy and Astrophysics have advanced enormously in different areas with outstanding results that are changing our view of the universe. The large amount of data that are being gathered also challenges the way we do Astronomy. As a result, new collaborations with areas such as informatics, chemistry, engineering, biology, are being forged, reinforcing the multidisciplinary character of Astronomy.

LARIM 2019 is the reference location for the exchange of state-of-the-art Astronomy related research and education in Latin America. The growth of Astronomy, in fundamental research and in technological advances, is the driving force that motivates this IAU regional meeting. LARIM 2019 also encourages the dissemination of results to a wide variety of audiences in our society.

LARIM 2019 encourages the active participation of undergraduates, graduates and young researchers. This is a unique opportunity to create new alliances, and to discuss your results, that will help in the development of your future careers.

The SOC welcomes contributed presentations and open discussions on current results and future projects on the following global topics:

  • Planetary Systems and Astrobiology
  • Stars and Stellar Systems
  • Interstellar Medium and Star Formation
  • Galaxies
  • Active Galactic Nucleus
  • Cosmology
  • High Energy Astrophysics
  • Instrumentation
  • History, Education and Outreach


In addition to adhering to the rules and guidelines set by the International Astronomical Union (outlined here) we are proactive in making LARIM 2019 an engaging and inspiring event, guided by the following values:

  • Integrity: we follow and expect a high standard of conduct and ethics from all participants in the event
  • Excellence: we will strive to provide high-quality services and management during the conference
  • Diversity: we celebrate our different cultures and lifestyles, and LARIM 2019 will embrace this cultural diversity.
  • Sustainability: we are respectful of our environment and will make every possible effort to reduce LARIM’s ecological footprint