Conference fee and payment – National bank transfer

Before paying the conference fee please read the conditions for participation and complete the registration form. From within Chile please use the following information to pay by national bank transfer:

Banco Banco de Chile
NĂºmero de cuenta 151 036 7506
Tipo de cuenta Cuenta corriente
Moneda Pesos chilenos (CLP)
Titular de la cuenta ContactoChile Traduccion & Conferencias SPA
RUT del titular 76.474.360-1

During the normal registration period we are using the conversion 1 EUR = 760 CLP, therefore you need to pay the appropriate amount according to your status in the following table:

Senior astronomers 270 EUR = 205,200 CLP
Postdoctoral fellows 270 EUR = 205,200 CLP
Students (any level) 100 EUR = 76,000 CLP
Accompanying guests 40 EUR = 30,400 CLP

Please do not forget to send the receipt of your bank transfer to